Thermography Clinic, Mississauga West Inc. is able to provides mobile services for all companies with large number of
woman employees that are interested to enhance the health and welfare of their members.

Our seminars run from 30-45 minutes, depending on the number of participants.
The presentation is usually booked during lunch hours or after the working hours.

Thermography Clinic, Mississauga West is not affiliated with any charity or fund raising organization.
We are a breast health awareness and prevention imaging facility, bringing the opportunity of early
breast problem assessment to Canadian women.

To book your seminar, please contact:

Thermography Clinic, Mississauga West Inc.
T: 416-569-1766


Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging to your employees at work, reducing the absentee time
Enhancing your current health and employee care protocols
Support for fund raising events


Information brochures and health awareness information
At location scanning
Infrared Medical state of the art equipment
Trained Technician in Medical Infrared Imaging
Analysis and interpretation by a Board Certified Clinical Thermographer (BCCT)