Ground Flaxseeds

Ground Flaxseeds Why you should ingest 2 tablespoons per day
To reduce Reproductive Organ Cancers:

Breast Cancer –

Studies show that active constituents derived from flaxseds may reduce risk of breast cancer by slowing down the rate of cell division of breast cells and by metabolizing estrogen into a less dangerous form (more 2-hydroxyestrone and less 16-hydroxyestrone)

Clinical studies show that ground flaxseed helps to reverse fibrocystic breast disease, which may be a prelude to breast cancer

Prostate Cancer –

Studies show that active constituents derived from flaxseeds slow down the rate of cell division of prostate cells, which makes them less prone to developing cancerous mutations, as well as prostate enlargement

To Lower Cholesterol

Clinical studies show that the soluble fiber in flaxseeds can lower cholesterol by 10-15% in people with high cholesterol To Improve Bowel FunctionThe soluble fiber in ground flaxseeds improves constipation and provides benefits associated with a decreased risk of colon cancer

To Support Bone Density

Recent studies show that active constituents derived from flaxseeds help to keep calcium in bone, supporting bone density and helping to prevent osteoporosis Can’t I get these benefits from other foods?

Flaxseeds contain 800-times more of these unique active constituents (mammalian lignan precursors like SLD and MD) than any other food. Yes, other foods and supplements help to reduce risk of these health conditions, but ground flaxseed should be included in your overall wellness plan due to its mutli-purpose health effects.What’s the difference between ground flaxseeds and flaxseed oil?

Don’t confuse ground flaxseeds with flaxseed oil – they do different things. Flaxseed oil is a concentrated source of an omega-3 fat called ALA (alpha- linolenic acid), which, like fish oil, helps to prevent heart disease, reduce inflammation and may help reduce cancer risk. Ground flaxseed contains SLD and MD, from which the body makes active constituents that are associated with a reduction in breast and prostate cancer. It also contains the kind of fiber that lowers cholesterol and improves bowel function.What should you do?

I highly recommend that you:
Take 2 heaping tablespoons of ground flaxseeds per day, adding it to cereal, yogurt, juice or a shake mix.

Take an essential fatty acids supplement containing flaxseed oil, fish oil and borage seed oil to get additional benefits related to heart disease, inflammation control, and cancer prevention

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Article by Dr. Meschino