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Saturday, November 3rd 2007, Mississauga-
Mississauga has become a new pioneering center for thermography breast imaging, giving rise to new opportunities for Canadian women to take charge of their breast health. Thermography Clinic, Mississauga West Inc., the new infrared thermography center, is welcoming the public to visit its new location and to learn about this leading edge technology.

Thermography has been developed by the military three decades ago. Where the “night vision” military surveillance technology will fight enemy frontlines, detecting and pinpointing areas of heat and movement, medical thermography - based on the same scientific principals - will use this ultra-sensitive,infrared heat imaging to generate high resolution images of temperature and vascular changes of the cells.

Clinical Thermography is based on the principal that abnormal cancerous cells are highly metabolic tissues and they need a lot of blood supply, continuously creating new blood vessels to maintain their growth. This process results in the elevation of regional surface temperature in the breast.

Clinical infrared cameras have now reached the point of sophistication that they can be applied to medical risk assessments and analysis. This sensitive instrument will take your body temperature on a cellular level and create a digital heat-map of your body, which than can be analyzed by doctors, trained in the field of thermography.

Breast Thermography uses no radiation. It is 100% safe and it can even be used during pregnancy, posing absolutely no health risks to any patient.

Thermography is mainly applied for preventative measures, being a perfect instrument to detect abnormal activities in the breast. Thermography will effectively assess the risk levels for cancer, from low, to medium, to high. When a thermography report comes back as high-risk for cancer, further medical investigation is required by your physician.

Thermography is not covered by OHIP. All thermography clinics are operated privately by companies and individuals believing in, and being very passionate about the benefits of this new technology.
These handful of companies across Canada, are truly our pioneering alternative health care in breast cancer prevention today. Their hope and mission is that the very same appreciation and standard of care will resonate likewise in the public.

For more information, please contact:
Thermography Clinic, Mississauga West Inc.
T: 416-569-1766