thermography image from report


Your initial appointment will take 30 minutes.
During this time you will complete the breast health questionnaire - and a detailed health history.
You will then be taken to a private examination room where you will be asked to disrobe from the waist up in order to become
acclimated to the temperature of the room.

A female technician will be available to answer any questions.
After 15 minutes, the technician will take a series of images including front, lateral, and oblique views.
You then will be asked to plunge your hands into ice water for 60 seconds.This is known as a stress test - the shock of the cold water
will put your body into a "fright and flight" response. Normal blood vessels will contract and cool down while blood vessels feeding
abnormal cells will not. The technician will then repeat the process of taking the images for a before and after view.
The image taking itself only takes a couple of minutes.

After the exam you will get a consultation about how to understand your exam and the technology, as well as, how to be preventative in the future. Within approximately one week, you will get your written report through the e-mail or regular mail.